5 Benefits of Using All-Natural Hair Products ft. Jirano Curl Care

Lately, I’ve definitely been trying to get into more natural hair care so when Jirano Curl Care reached out to me, I was really excited to try their products, which promise “longer, stronger, softer, and healthier hair.”


As my hair is currently in a protective style (box braids), I enlisted my cousin Angela as my guinea pig. Her hair is Type 4 (I don’t usually get into 4a/4b/4c descriptions, but I suppose it’s 4a).

There are many naturals that swear by all-natural hair products and for the longest, I used to think, “What’s all the hype?” But when I really started doing my research, it made total sense. Using all-natural hair products actually does promote longer, stronger, softer, and healthier hair because of the ingredients. Jirano’s products all consist of super healthy hair ingredients like water, aloe, shea butter, keratin, grapeseed oil, glycerin, and silk amino acids. For all of the products mentioned below, simply use the code JIRANOSTOCKUP at checkout to receive 15% off until September 30th.


1. No harsh ingredients

This is probably the most obvious (and best) reason for using all-natural  hair care products. In fact, they often utilize ingredients you can find in your own kitchen cabinet. They aren’t difficult to pronounce (which almost always raises a brow), and the product may even offer a brief description of any ingredient that may appear suspect at first glance. A lot of harsh ingredients are not only bad for your hair, but also your health, so using all-natural products significantly lessens the likelihood of such outcomes.

When I washed my cousin’s hair with Jirano’s Coconut Shampoo, I only had to wash one time, even though her hair was full of gel from wearing her hair in a bun all week and reapplying gel on her edges daily. This is because their shampoo is super-concentrated, has gentle cleansers, and is loaded with coconut extracts and keratin for hydration, elasticity and strength.

2. Safe for color-treated or damaged hair

Hair that is color-treated, heat-damaged, or damaged at all will heavily benefit from all-natural hair products. They will not exacerbate damage that already exists- instead, they will provide a safe environment for your hair to thrive while you nurse it back to health. Since colored tresses are by definition more fragile, an all-natural hair care regimen will prove beneficial in protecting them from any harm that would hinder them from remaining healthy.

Angela’s hair isn’t color-treated, but she does have a bit of breakage at the crown from wearing too-tight ponytails. Her hair soaked up the Silky Coconut Conditioner happily (and it was super easy to detangle). Knowing that it has humectants and keratin in it made me confident that her hair would have the proper balance of moisture and protein, which are both key in protecting the hair from damage of any sort.


3. Strengthens hair

All-natural haircare products that utilize keratin have the unique ability to strengthen your hair from the inside out. Considering that your hair is 95% keratin, it is integral to the health of your hair.

If you want to strengthen your hair, a good leave-in conditioner is a must; it sustains your hair until the next wash day, equipping it to retain moisture as long as possible. Angela works at a day care, and the Coconut Leave-in Conditioner made her hair resilient enough to brave her hectic, unpredictable work week. Now that’s what I call strong!

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4. Decreases split ends

A lot of stylers claim to be moisturizing and protecting, but many of them contain bad alcohols that leave your hair looking dry and offended, resulting in split ends that break and snap all over the place. All-natural hair stylers and definers won’t leave your hair hanging high and dry!

Jirano’s Coconut Silk Curl Definer made Angela’s hair immensely soft and manageable. I took care to apply the product to her ends to help hold in all that luscious moisture from the leave-in conditioner we used, and finished off with the bombay oil for sealing.

5. Promotes shine

Have you ever noticed the artificial shine that many hair products yield? I have. But all-natural hair products bring out your hair’s own natural shine because of the way the products are formulated. The ingredients enhance the curls that naturally grow from your scalp instead of altering them in any way. Jirano’s Bombay Oil Hair Growth Serum does exactly that- it didn’t leave a film-y residue on the hair but gave it a shine that lasted for days.

If you’ve never really used all-natural hair care products, I encourage you to go “all-natural” for a month and see if you notice a difference in your hair. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

And if you’d like to try any of the products mentioned, use the code JIRANOSTOCKUP  at checkout to receive 15% off (expires September 30th).


This is a sponsored post. All opinions are completely honest and entirely my own.

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