5 Awesome Christian Pages to Follow on Instagram

There are a ton of Christian & Inspirational pages to follow on Instagram, and I’m fond of quite a few. But for the sake of time and space, I narrowed this list down to my top 5 favorites that I frequent over and over again.

It’s good to follow pages like these on your social media to keep you encouraged throughout your day and to constantly turn your thoughts to the positive. Check them out and give them a follow!

1. @heartsofbeauty

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Full of bright colors, powerful verse, and bold statements, this page is definitely my favorite. I love their message, and the fact that if you subscribe by email, they will send you a devotional calendar every month!

2. dreambible

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This page is so unique and vibrant! Always full of happiness, truth, and positive vibes. You should definitely follow this page if you’re looking to spice up your feed a bit.

3. @trustgodbro

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I follow @trustgodbro because they have the wonderful ability to really make you think by using only a few short words. Their posts are full of wisdom and will help you stay the course.

4. @proverbs31ministries


Their mission is to “bring God’s peace, perspective, and purpose to today’s busy woman,” and their page does exactly that. Beautifully executed and always in line with scripture.

5. @hertrueworth

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Last but certainly not least, @hertrueworth is definitely worth a follow: their posts assist you in getting through everyday life, and are always worth a read.

What are some of your favorite Christian pages? Comment below!

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