4 Easy Steps to Maintain Your Crochet Braids


I’ve been wearing crochet braids for four weeks straight now and I am so in love with this style. Most people don’t even realize it’s not my hair unless I tell them, and the maintenance is so easy. And get this: I only used one pack of Jamaican Bounce hair (Urban Beauty brand, $7.99/pack) that I purchased at my local beauty supply store to achieve this look.

The beginning of winter definitely took a toll on my hair and I quickly realized I needed to do something about it. Crochet braids were my answer, and they are super easy to maintain.

I would wholeheartedly recommend crochet braids if you’re thinking about them. Here’s how I’ve kept mine looking good for almost a month now, which only takes 5 minutes (or less) a day:

1. Trim the frizz.

In my opinion, this is probably the biggest key to keeping my crochet braids looking fresh: I always trim the frizz as needed, which is usually every 3-4 days. It’s easy: just gently look through your hair and trim any pieces that have become frizzy and therefore stick out like a sore thumb.

Overtime, through just everyday wear and tear, the weave naturally separates and sheds. Trimming the frizz helps your set look like you just installed it yesterday even after it’s a couple of weeks old.

2. Oil your scalp.

As with most protective styles, especially braids, it’s good to oil your scalp. I oil my scalp every other day to stimulate growth and to help my hair remain soft and healthy underneath the weave. My oil mix includes castor oil, olive oil, and sunflower oil, which all help promote hair growth and scalp health.

Always try your best not to get oil on the weave, as it can cause the weave to get weighed down. Naturally, some of the oil will probably get on the weave but as long as you’re careful, it won’t be much.I also never put any product on the weave, either, so that it won’t become greasy, (a rookie mistake I made the first time around!)

3. Respect your edges.

Don’t neglect to slick those edges down with a little gel or edge control every now and then to keep them looking snatched. I usually lay my edges down every morning and set them with a satin scarf for about 10 minutes to refresh my style. A little goes a long way!

4. Sleep with a satin scarf.

I know, you’ve heard it a gazillion times, but this is super important! I barely ever slept with my satin scarf the first time I installed crochet braids and needless to say, they only lasted a week.

Your satin scarf will keep the weave from flying all over the place at night and frizzing up sooner than it should. it will also protect your braids underneath from drying out. I also have a satin pillowcase for extra security, which has helped tremendously for those lazy nights.

And that’s it! You’re well on your way to successfully maintaining your crochet braids for weeks!

For more information on how to maintain your crochet braids, check out this informative video from MissNaturalista86:


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